Northeast Metro 916 provides educational services to students experiencing mental health crises who receive care in psychiatric facilities. This helps ensure that each student does not lose track of their educational goals while they are receiving treatment outside of their home schools.







The number of students indicated in this report reflect a duplicated headcount, meaning that if a student un-enrolls and re-enrolls during the same school year, they are counted twice. We represent the data this way because it more accurately represents the staff time, funding and resources required to run our programs.


Students of color


Free & reduced lunch

Aris FY17


Willows FY17

The Willows

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The Willows at Avanti

Avanti Center for Girls offers a continuum of shelter, evaluation and residential treatment services for adolescent girls, ages 13-18, experiencing mental health crisis. The Willows is the on-site school located in Avanti. Education at The Willows is highly individualized and coordinated with the student's home district, allowing as little disruption in school progress as possible. As students progress in treatment, there are off-site alternatives to assist with re-integration into a mainstream school setting. Decisions regarding school setting are made in collaboration with the resident and their parents, Willow's staff and Avanti's treatment team.

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