Area Learning Centers (ALCs) help students achieve their educational and career goals in a non-traditional learning environment. The three locations offer a comprehensive and rigorous high school curriculum delivered within a personalized, flexible, and nurturing environment. Students receive assistance in meeting graduation requirements and have opportunities to gain vocational skills and work experience.







We serve students in grades 9 to 12+ attending full time, part-time and for specific credit recovery.


Students of color


Free & reduced lunch

The number of students indicated in this report reflect a duplicated headcount, meaning that if a student unenrolls and re-enrolls during the same school year, they are counted twice. We represent the data this way because it more accurately represents the staff time, funding, and resources required to run our programs.

916 Mahtomedi Academy Students Chart

916 Mahtomedi Academy

East View Academy Students Graph

East View Academy
(Little Canada)

Metro Heights Academy Students Graph

Metro Heights Academy

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